Where the desert meets the mountains. That’s the setting both in locale and style that has lead to the “boogie-infused facepunch” class of rock and roll Chron Goblin has proclaimed since their formation in 2009. Swagger and muscle, charm and wit, Chron Goblin pair melody with aggression for a fresh interpretation of hip-shakin' heavy. Following the success of 2013's sophomore album Life for the Living and touring in the UK, USA and Canada, the band's third full length Backwater was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang), in Portland, OR at Toadhouse Studios and was released Nov. 13, 2015 via Ripple Music. 

In addition to performances at Stumpfest and Junofest, Chron Goblin returned across the pond embarking on their first European tour in the spring of 2016 across France, Germany and Switzerland. The band are currently in the midst of writing their fourth album and are booked to return to Desertfest London 2017.



Fun, fast, and surprisingly slick . . . weirdly radio-friendly brand of stoner metal.
— Zach Kelly, Noisey
An epic road-trip brought home an epic album. When the stoner rock staples took a trip down to Portland to record their latest record, the experience produced something that is as wild, lumbering, massive and badass as any Pacific Northwest Sasquatch. But it wasn’t entirely the change of scenery. More comfortable, more confident in their craft, with the songs of Backwater the quartet have pushed themselves further and perfected the Chron Goblin sound, finding the sweet-spot of groove and boogie, and memorable riffs to spliff to.
— Mike Bell, The Calgary Herald
Surrendering to Backwater’s weighty undertow, vocalist Josh Sandulak’s lupine howls are a fitting match for the moonshine tides and churning vortexes of Devin Purdy and Richard Hepp’s promethean ball of strings. An utterly compelling and gut-liquefying achievement, Backwater overflows with raw vocals, black-and-blue bayou breakdowns, and hallucinatory quagmires.
— Christine Leonard, Beatroute
The marriage of the classic with the contemporary can’t be dismissed. Where some bands cut and paste today’s sounds with that of 1970, Chron Goblin fail to ignore those momentary flickers sandwiched in-between, throttling forward with an ever-evolving, thunderous racket . . . Rumbling as it escalates, the sounds showcases Chron Goblin’s evolution. Guitars absolutely shred and the rhythm section lays a trail of blazing shit that you can’t help but gleefully step in. The balance of cascades and eruptions is apparently endless and helps separate these songs from the band’s previous efforts.
— Heavy Planet
An unbelievably accomplished bong metal record from this city’s nicest band, Life for the Living is a boogie-infused facepunch that doesn’t let up. It takes the best acts of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Faith No More, and Danzig, cuts it with a strain all of their own, rolls it, and sparks it up for a sticky, icky spliff.
— Mike Bell, The Calgary Herald
Life for the Living features too many unique ideas and clever inversions to simply call it Stoner Metal. The end result is simply amazing - a record heavy enough to pump blood, clever enough to demand response, and drunk enough to party.
— Cobra Collins, Beatroute Magazine
Vocalist Josh Sandulak, perhaps the illegitimate lovechild of Monotonix’s Ami Shalev and Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier, ties the package together, but at its core, Chron Goblin are built around riffage. And lots of it . . . As far as classic stoner fare goes, this hits all of the pleasure points, and like ketchup toast or the heavenly pairing of peanut butter and ice cream, sometimes that just makes sense.
— Mark Teo, FFWD Weekly
Straight-up stoner/desert rock in the tradition of Kyuss, it’s plenty groovy, loaded with swaggering bluesy riffs. Highly recommended.
— Adrien Begrand, Decibel Magazine
High octane party sort of vibe, but trading in some of that punky off beat style for more of a riff based approach. This is where their understated southern rock side really shines through, well, that coupled with a touch of desert rock and a slight smattering of post hardcore. It boasts a great selection of licks that really manage to breath a nice breath of fresh air into the whole style.
— Jay Hooke, Ride With The Devil blog
Chron Goblin stays so true to the good day’s live sounding raw energy which is so sadly missed these days . . . Fans of Fu Manchu, Nebula, Demoncleaner, Greenhouse Effect and the Glasspack will surely relish the buzz that Chron offer.
— Matt Frighetto,