New album is complete!


14 days, 1552 miles, 92 studio hours, 598 beers, 5.25 litres of gin, 7 games of dice, 5 rounds of bowling, 4 tattoos, 1 NBA game, too many laughs to count, and the recording of our new album is now complete! We can't thank Adam Pike enough for being the most deadly dude around! Thank you to everyone else who helped to make Portland our home away from home! Cheers!

Chron Goblin to record next album with Adam Pike in Portland, OR

We are thrilled to announce that we will be recording our next full length album with Adam Pike at his Portland based Toadhouse Recording Studios.  Adam has recorded many incredible bands (including RED FANGRABBITSBlack ElkNorska and Black Pussy), as well as touring with Red Fang as their front of house engineer, and we are very excited to undertake our next musical chapter with his support. We fell in love with Portland this spring during our US tour and are elated for our return to tap into the city's thriving music scene. Cheers to Adam, Portland and to a killer new album!

Check out our official press release here

Chron Goblin opening for Red Fang!

We are thrilled to share the stage again with the mighty Red Fang along with our pals in Shooting Guns October 11th at The Palomino!  We'll also be performing at Up + Downtown Festival in Edmonton alongside Red Fang, Black Mastiff, and Shooting Guns on Friday October 10th.  Killer Thanksgiving weekend!

Website Launch - 20% off all store items!

In celebration of the launch of our new website, we have a special week-long 20% off sale on all items in our store!  From today through to September 22nd, enter the promo code SMOKEBEER under the Coupon section when you checkout and receive 20% off your purchase before shipping charges.

New Tracks Recorded!

We've spent the last few months busy in the basement writing new tunes in preparation for our next album release and we had the pleasure of jumping into Arch Audio studios this weekend to lay down three new tracks with Lorrie Matheson.  Keep an ear out for some new tunes at our next live show! 

Interview with It's Psychedelic Baby magazine

Check out a great in-depth interview we did with It's Psychedelic Baby magazine:

"It’s one of those rare metal albums that not only manages to keep you completely off center and guessing what to expect next, but where all the punches land where they should, effectively sweeping the listener off their feet into Chron Goblin’s own land of delightful carnage and charming havoc.  When the darkness does part and the band takes a breath from time to time, they exhale these twisted psychedelic wheezes of air, providing a much needed break from the utter destruction all around them."